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A comment by Mattexian on The Frogman's Prophecies

As much as it pains me to think the once-mighty US might flounder, it's harder to face continuing the status quo when it looks like one is bailing out the Titanic with a coffee cup. More than a few of the states who voted predominantly for Romney, now have voices raised for secession, because we are fed up with voting one way across the heartland, and having the hordes in Chicago, New York, and Los Angeles vote the other way and overwhelmingly cancel out any wishes we have about the stewardship of the country. Especially here in Texas, the voices are being raised again for independence, after we voted almost 3-to-1 against the Chicago Way. A smaller core group have been working toward that independence for decades, since 1995, so this isn't some Johnny-come-lately reactionary thing out of spite against Obama. (Usually our opponents cry racism, which is their knee-jerk reaction to everything, but is funny since we've been at this since Clinton's first term, and continued thru his second and both terms of Bush.) Only now are enough people waking up and seeing the corruption in the machine that will enslave their grandchildren to debt, and they want an alternative of true liberty, which is breaking away from the Federal Leviathan. As the t-shirt says: Texas- it's bigger than France!

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