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A comment by Quoth the Raven on EU elections 2019: neither yea or nay

Holy fake support, Frogman! Yeah, I can’t imagine NF is, as we say in the states, "down with that".

You know, I used to say, "anarchy would be an improvement over the current situation", and then I discovered that "anarchy" is almost never real and almost always a tool of the left. And "anarchotyranny" is now more real than I EVER imagined it could be.

I’d feel bad for you over there in euroweenie zone, but I’m way too busy feeling bad for my children and grandchildren, who will have to work to pay for all the goats headed for the gov. teat.

On a positive note, I encourage toubabou and MrsTEPhelps to subscribe and find a lovely avatar.

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