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A comment by the dissident frogman on Quacks: that DuckDuck is No Go

TooTall: RiseUp HQ is in Seattle. I think DDG is in PA. Not that it makes much of a difference, considering Philadelphia's shenanigans last November.

Jacky: you are quite right. We have reached the point where merely using the various sites and software offered to us while trusting implicitly that the publisher will not be evil (see what I've done here?) is nowhere near enough. We may not have to fully learn to code, but we do have to go dangerously close to that. For instance, properly securing Firefox requires creating and maintaining a JavaScript file (user.js) under your user profile directory (not advocating for Firefox though, they're little Silicon Communists)

martywd, Quoth the Raven: I only mention Bing because DDG gets their results from them anyway. Like martywd, I found Startpage not satisfactory. Swisscows is sometimes completely lacking answers on topics that are not that obscure (then again, other search engines seem to favor the principle of return anything rather than no results, which is not better)

Quote the Raven, what is wrong with Rewards? (and Likes. And Followers...) All that social media industry is only trying to make you happy and popular, and yet you scorn and spurn! Truly, there is no pleasing some people.

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