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A comment by Quoth the Raven on The Fright of the Generals

This letter is a tiny, birthday-cake-sized candle, lit in the vast darkness of the zeitgeist. Naturally the people to whom it was addressed do not take it seriously or understand it. But I’m guessing many of the people in "the suburbs" DO understand it.

I’d like to hear you expostulate on the business of shipping "refuges" into English waters without permission. What The Actual HELL is Macron thinking? And why aren’t the English firing on these French ships?

And speaking of the English - they just dug their national sovereignty heels in deeper in their very recent byelection. Anyone thinking they’ll waltz back to the fetid prison of the EU is delusional at this point.

God help the French, because the French certainly aren’t going to help themselves any time soon unless they round up their bureacrats and imprison them in Antarctica. Same with the rest of us.

Can’t wait to wake up to woke being a bad dream.

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