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A comment by Quoth the Raven on September 2021: only the dead

I have a theory. I don’t know if it will play out, but I think the materialism of the west will win. I don’t think that is a great outcome, but it is better than the obvious alternative. I think when fanatic’s kids live in a richer, more open culture, they start to enjoy owning shit and aren’t as happy with wearing a burka, when they can wear jeans, a trendy tee, and a hijab. It will take awhile for this to work. Dumbass losers will still probably go to the shitholes where *sl*m rules in order to learn their trade of terrorism. Up to this point though more of them have to come here to drink and wench before they blow themselves up on our soil- so the Islamofascists are importing them to us because they haven’t been able to grow their own here as effectively as they likely thought. I think it is harder to get a person raised in the lap of western prosperity to blow themselves up than someone raised in the shitholes these people currently run.

Again, I could be wrong. This thought is a rare moment of dark optimism for me so please indulge me, however briefly.

Only time will tell. I’m not likely to see it play itself out to the end, but if we’re all going to suffer, I’d love to see AOC forced to wear the hijab and pushed aside to give a place to her Muslim overlords. Maybe forced to go back to her bar and serve camel milk to women and children.

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