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A comment by Papertiger on $5000 and France's Sympathy ♠ 5000 dollars et la sympathie de la France

I read at Little Green Footballs That Frenchmen are experiencing such a funk that they have coined a word to describe it. Francopessimisme. And Iowahawk wants to give you a message: Cheer up REASON FOR FRENCH OPTIMISM 1. Drop in American tourism easily offset by throngs of Saudis at new 'EuroMecca' theme park in Marseilles 2. Only a matter of time before superior Gallic culture produces another Johnny Halliday 3. French scientists close to producing a dream genetic hybrid of Jerry Lewis &ichael Moore 4. Poodles -- the other white meat! 5. For 35th consecutive year, French movie industry leads world in ponderousness 6. Government nearing settlement with Corpse Hauler Union 7. Several grad students at Kenyon still take Lacan, Foucault and semiotics seriously 8. Woody Allen ad campaign paying big benefits - PedoCon 2004 slated for Nice 9. Easier to get summer holiday accomodations this year, thanks to new Government program for coverting retirement homes to vacation villas

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