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A comment by Don Meaker on Safety Rigor ♠ Carcan de Sureté

Children ride faster when they wear bicycle helmets. People drive faster when they wear seatbelts. Police officers are braver when they have bullet resistant vests. Tank crews are more bold in battle because they have 11 inches of steel in front of them. The sexual revolution began when antibiotics could cure syphillis, and hit the brakes when HIV began taking its toll. Condoms provide about 90% protection from HIV. On the other hand, if the risk per sexual contact is lower, then people will engage in sexual contact more often. In fact people will tend to have 10 times as much sex if they think that sex is 1/10th as risky. If they think there might be something behind this alarm, they may lower their risk meter, achieving two goals: less risky behavior, and less acceptance of immoral behavior. Who know, the Catholic Church may even achieve a reawakening of virtue among Catholics~!

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