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A comment by the dissident frogman on Fat Chance ♠ Belle Opportunité

danboarder: 1) Regularly. I make lots of good friends this way. Thanks to them, I'm now a multi-millionaire in dollars coming from different Third World toppled despots, with 16 PhDs in economics, 36 in nuclear physics, 8 in cabbage seedpod weevil breeding and 267 Green Cards, all fakes but my friends told me nobody cares, an address book crowded with amateur girls getting nasty and a warehouse full of Valium, Xanax, Vicodin and Viagra 100% not generic of which I can get the most, fat chance. Spam made me the man I am, and I won't even tell you about the size of my dick. Fat chance too. -- 2) I don't hate spammers. Like I just said, some of my best friends are spammers. Ha! But surely, you're not serious right? You don't really believe that "this guy" exists right? You don't really believe that he escaped the "American Marines' take over Baghdad" with "$18 millions in cash in mental boxes" praise be to Allah, right? Tell me you're joking. Please do. Because if you're not, that makes you the first person I ever heard about who actually cares for the feelings of one of the numerous, yet colorful, phony characters in a variant of the (in)famous scheme knows as the Nigerian scam. Yes, that makes you a world class idiot and a stooge of choice. Political correctness has its limits, you know. Next thing you know, you'll be emailing back "Ahmed" to assure him of your sympathy and your indignation in front of the vicious attack the poor man endured from the scary frogman. Hey, there are $18 millions in cash and "mental boxes" at stake, so it could be worth the try. -- 3) One can't be thick and wrong all the time, and so did you: I am indeed vicious and scary. And I rarely pick up my phone. -- 4) Just my guess: you are suffering from the well known Stuffed Sphincter Syndrome. Get a clue, a life and possibly an enema. Indeed, that is not funny but it'll help you feel better afterwards.

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