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A comment by Joe on Peace And Hate ♠ Paix Et Haine

I am an Arab and I somewhat agree with what you put on your website. But, the thing that I hate is that when stuff like this is actually posted on the internet, it makes all Arabs look bad. I do not like the fact that your website WILL make people hate Arabs more. That's not fair. I do not carry an AK-47 and kill people. Hence, you must also look at why the kids have guns. If the Israeli gov't didn't steal land and illegally demolish houses with bulldozers, then you wouldn't have parents and their kids with guns. What about the American lady that visited Israel and stood in front of the house of an Arab resident that was about to get demolished to stop the Israeli gov't from running over it? The Israeli gov't ran over her, an AMERICAN (and they knew it), and the house, and they didn't get in trouble for it by the U.S. It was talked about briefly in the news and that's it. NOW, that's BULLSHIT. You see kids &arents with guns because they are giving a sign saying, they are not going to give up. They are not going to put up with Israel's bullshit government. It's not even a gov't. It's a dictatorship. Remember, kids only started having guns when Israel started to kill Arabs, steal land, and rename Palestine to Israel (ever since everything started in 1948). Before that, there was peace. By the way, it was Palestine before Israel. If you read up on your history, it was Palestine 2,000 years before the Bible was even created. Yes, Arabs (not all of them) do things that are wrong like bomb buildings, etc. But, you have to ask yourself, what led them to do that? It is because they can't live their own lives the way they used to. Israel's gov't does not care for Arabs and kills them all the time. Israel is stuck so far up U.S.'s ass, that the U.S. only gives them a slap on the wrist no matter what Israel does wrong. If Israel wasn't soo selfish in 1948 when they wanted to steal Palestine, then none of this shit would have happened. LOOK AT BOTH SIDES OF THE SITUATION!!!!

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