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"Joe": I'll try to make it simple considering that there's very little substance in your naive (well, I hope it's naive) diatribe - and I currently have little time to deal with naive diatribes: The quote is from Golda Meir, and I believe she knew what she was talking about. Consequently, I'm not making, as you put it, "all Arabs look bad": some Arabs make all Arabs look bad (even though the real issue is not so related to Arabs than it is to Muslims.) Those who put guns in the hands of children, explosive belts around their brainwashed youth, those who murder men, women and children simply because they're Jews or Christians or "too" moderate Muslims, those who murder, rape and oppress other Arabs simply because they took the power by force and keep it the same way, those whose only aim in this life is to take over the world and force their religion upon it. Those who hijack airliners and use them as a weapon to perpetrate mass murder. I'm just observing and waiting for an honest and firm condemnation of these thugs, by official and individuals in the Muslim world. I'm waiting for the people protesting in the streets to stop terrorism and oppression. I'm waiting for the uprising of Arab populations with the intent of toppling their tyrants, moving towards liberal democracy and take their place in the XXIth century as honored, respected and respectful members of the world community. So far, I heard very little adversaries (they exist but their voices get lost) and too many virulent supporters. Draw your own conclusions, but don't come blaming me for the vision this community (at large) send back to the world. I believe in individual responsibility "Joe", so here's something you may want to think about: you come here, feel concerned about the fact that you're not carrying a gun and killing people and therefore don't want to be assimilated with terrorists (which is all in your honor. Guess what? I feel the same pertaining to the 25% of the French who wished the victory of Saddam) yet, after this rightful concern you spend the rest of your (long) rant justifying terrorism and child abuses. Now... Who do you think is making Arabs look bad? And what do you think YOU can do? Keep championing terrorism or join me and denounce it unconditionally? Food for thought "Joe". About this whole Israel/Palestine issue, my thought in a few words: End terrorism. Then we'll talk. Period. I take it the "American lady" you mention is our silly spiteful friend Corrie. I'm sorry "Joe" but you hit the wrong place if you thought you could impress me with such an argument. Get your facts straight: the Palestinian propaganda has been debunked, this was an accident. I couldn't say it was a sad accident though. If you want my intimate conviction on this, I'd say the "lady" got what she looked for - and somehow, what she deserved. Period. About history, "Joe" you could use some extra classes. Particularly on the Bible issue. Also, you may want to check this. Could help you a lot: Finally - and that's what sickens me the most, to be honest - you apparently failed to read the content of the post or get the point. Let me summarize: Nothing - I do mean NOTHING AT ALL - justifies dressing a baby in camo and hang up a hand-grenade around his or her neck. Nothing. And THAT'S not something I'm going to argue about or take back.

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