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A comment by Captain Ed on Peace And Hate ♠ Paix Et Haine

Let me rebut the one argument you missed from Joe, DF: Israel is a dictatorship? Hmm. If so, it's the first one where they hold regular elections, have multiple political parties (including one representing Israeli Arabs), power changes between political parties as a result of these elections, and legislate through a Parliament. Also, it's the first one that has a free press and a free-market economy. Now, let me count how many Arab countries have any of these. Wait ... I'm still trying to think of one. Oh -- wait -- one Arab country is having municipal elections. For the first time. Ever. Other than that, a great big goose egg. You want Arabs to have a better image? They need to quit blowing up civilians in shopping centers and buses, and the ones that don't do that need to quit being apologists for the ones that do. And how about learning a little history, while you're at it? The Arabs used Palestine as an invasion point against Israel in 1948 and again in 1967. Maybe if they'd just left Israel alone, the Palestinians wouldn't have the problems they do now. Spouting anti-Semitic slurs and paranoid conspiracuy theories don't help the Arab public image, either.

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