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Captain Ed: Agreed fully. But to be honest, I don't even take up those kinds of arguments anymore and I willingly ignored it this time as well. I now have a zero tolerance policy for empty imprecations. Israel is a dictatorship, Bush=Hitler, etc., etc., etc. &d nauseam: this is complete nonsense, vacuous "catchy" sentences only good to enliven anti-war protests and anti-globo summits. In any decent debate, you have to set some limits below which it's worthless to argue. It's OK to debunk them on moral grounds, but when they come up with pure inventions, made up "facts" or wishful thinking such as this one, well... I have neither time nor patience to play kid's games with them on their senseless propaganda. Having said that, I'm glad you did. Considering how some people tend to believe the last one who talked, it's probably worth answering such obvious lies "“ not to convince the preacher, as he won't listen anyway, but to impede the conversions. It's just that I feel so tired sometimes...

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