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This is the newest1 version of the guestbook. The previous one, running on a different software, proved to be unreliable and prone to hackers attacks.

I couldn’t import the previous reader’s entries in this new one and am sorry for this. It just proves that, unlike allegedly looted Iraqi museum, the Internet is worthless when it comes to preserving relics of the past.

Anyway, please have a go at it. As this works on an open-posting basis, and trolls roam the cyberland freely, all submissions will be moderated before publication. Any display of Leftist lunacy, Islamic zealotry, French Frenchness and other insanities will have their authors anal-probed by top CIA experts in counter-trolling. Thanks for your attention.

  1. Well, it was new back in 2006. This page is from the previous redesign. Time files, and all that.

Ceci est la nouvelle1 version du Livre d’Or. La précédente, qui reposait sur un logiciel différent, était aussi peu fiable qu’ouverte aux attaques de hackers.

Je n’ai pas pu importer les anciennes entrées de lecteurs et j’en suis désolé. Cela prouve simplement que, contrairement aux musées irakiens prétendument pillés, l’Internet ne vaut rien lorsqu’il s’agit de préserver des reliques du passé.

Quoi qu’il en soit, allez-y. Considérant que ceci fonctionne par soumission ouverte, et que les trolls parcourent le cyber-pays librement, les entrées seront soumises à modération avant d’être autorisées à l’affichage. Toute manifestation de démence gauchiste, de bigoterie islamique, de francitude française et autres insanités vaudront à leurs auteurs une coloscopie poussée par des experts en contre-trolling de la CIA. Merci de votre attention.

  1. “Nouvelle” en 2006. Cette page remonte au précédent redesign. Comme le temps passe vite, et tout ça.



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  • Michi Escondido, CA

Thank you, just thank you for having this website. xo

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Just found your site…Im finally proud of my French ancestry,thank you! John USMC Veteran

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  • Didelfo Minneapolis, Minnesota, les Etats-Unis

Mon cher monsieur Frogman, Thank you so much for remembering our day. I have cried today so many tears listening to the 911 calls on that fateful day. May we here, and in every other country that has lost citizens to those b——s NEVER FORGET! I pray for you, and for every other Paul Revere around the world who risks life and future to broadcast the truth. Preghante por vi chiutage, mi restas, Didelfo

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  • winston tibbetts

i was in the 598th truck 1966-67 100,000 acc. free miles nancy,toul, captiex france believe me we left a lot of stuff and buildings for the frogs. icould say a lot more but it probaly has been told

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Good stuff. Refreshing to read some common sense points of view after spending the past few weeks visiting family in England and reading the left-biased press in England and even worse is the BBC news. I fteust discovered your site after following some links from the website where I was reading about a reference to the CIVITAS think-tank group in London CIVITAS is a site that many of your follows may find interesting. The title of the group is “The Institute for the development of a Civil Society” . Keep up the good work. John Dennis

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  • Martha Rudman Littleton, Colorado, USA

I’ve beem away for a while (decided just to re-register) and am overjoyed you are still in the business of brilliant writing, kicking ass, being hilarious and a great teacher, and, of course, still being a brave warrior in the fight. May God richly bless you. And Whoa! I’ve got a lot of catching up to do!

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Hey you are the man or rather the frogman!

I absolutely love your site, it is the best! I love the Shooty/No Shooty video, that is so great! You are making my opinion of the French change and for the better, if there are more like you in France then all is not lost! Keep up the great work, your articles are excellent and always right on point, too bad the American Press, save for Foxnews, has been drinking the kool aid and fallen for Oblama’s ideas hook, line, and sinker! Thank You! JohnnyOrygun