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12 years and 2 months ago

Better to keep it shut...

the dissident frogman

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Old school mime Marcel Marceau just died — buried(1) by the new competition — and illustrious members of the French chattering class are overdoing themselves with the obligatory tributes:

Prime Minister Francois Fillon, bored to death in his office while Sarkozy the Energized Bunny is stealing all his thunder:
(Marceau had) "a rare gift - that of communicating with each and every one of us, beyond the barrier of language".

Thanks for removing all doubt, Mr. Fillon.

French broadcaster and critic Jacques Chancel:
He spoke in silence.

Speaking of which, I'm reminded of a tee-shirt I found the other day that would make a great message to those self-important blathering suckers, as well as my own choice of words as a fitting tribute to Marceau the mime:
Best thing about a blowjob is the 20 minutes silence.

'Nuff said.
  1. Ha ha ha.


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