CPAC 2018: some Conservative speakers

9 months and 3 weeks ago

CPAC 2018:some Conservativespeakers

And others. Speakers, that is.

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What to do when you are the target of a permanent smear campaign from the Left, defaming you as Fascists and Nazis?

Apparently, if you are organizing the Conservative Political Action Conference, you go out shopping for speakers and come back with a French Nationalist Socialist in your basket.

Wicked and cunning reverse psychology can only get you so far, so how that will help with the smear is beyond me.

Still, for anybody who knows a bit about the Front National, its history and political philosophy, the name of ‘Le Pen’ as part of an agenda that includes (among other people and events) something like the Ronald Reagan Reception and Dinner is nothing short of nauseating—which doesn’t bode well for the whole dinner thing if a sizeable portion of the guests feel the same.

Meanwhile, the folks at Breitbart, who have had the hots for the blonde female offspring of the one-eyed1 Holocaust denier for some time now, are pulling off a rather weak and, shall we say, selective defense of the Frontiste maiden, by pointing out that:

Ms. Le Pen endorsed the tax plan of her aunt last year during the presidential campaign. That plan sought to lower income taxes by 10 per cent in the first three tax brackets and wanted to reinstate a tax exemption for overtime work that was repealed in 2012.Breitbart Establishment Right-Wingers in Meltdown over Marion Le Pen Invite to CPAC

Neat. Tax exemptions are so very Conservative-Cool, and that particular exemption is indeed in Auntie Le Pen’s plan, the 144 Engagements Présidentiels (PDF here). It’s bullet point 64.

Oddly, that Breitbart article does not mention bullet point 63: you know, the one where Auntie Le Pen commits to maintaining that Socialist achievement and curse of the French economy, the 35 hours work week.

Oh and, talking about weak defense: quoting as an example of “establishment Right-wingers meltdown over Marion le Pen invite to CPAC” something that is actually true doesn’t help much: when Jonah Goldberg says that Le Pen is a Statist, he is stating the obvious, and something that all the Le Pens would readily confirm. They even take pride on that, you know.

To come back to the CPAC business, and leaving aside all ideological skeletons in Miss Le Pen’s closets, I confess being more than a bit perplexed with that inclusion in the conference call.

I mean, what could a twenty-something who dropped out of college to enter politics, who never had a real job2 or ran a business, who earns a living as a parasite of civil society and who is so fervently committed to the idea of traditional family and marriage that her own lasted for the whole of nearly two years could possibly have to say at the largest Conservative conference in the US?

Yeah, there is such a thing as too much wicked and cunning reverse psychology.

Brief afterthought

Dear CPAC: while you have Marion M. Le Pen at hand, perhaps you could ask her to elaborate on her claim that American judicial imperialism is an obstacle to French investments in Iran, particularly the part where she asks if the French government will approach the US Administration and demand that (Obama’s) nuclear deal (for Iran) be fully enforced:

(Marion Le Pen) demande si l’Etat français compte intervenir auprès de l’administration américaine pour que l’application de l’accord sur le nucléaire iranien soit pleinement effective Marion Le Pen L’IMPÉRIALISME JURIDIQUE AMÉRICAIN, UN OBSTACLE POUR L’INVESTISSEMENT FRANÇAIS EN IRAN

Now that she’s going to CPAC, Marion surely will slam American (judicial) Imperialism as vigorously. Or will she?

  1. Papa Le Pen used to wear a pirate patch.
  2. No, professional politician doesn’t count: it’s a disease, not a job.


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