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Drop your government and get down on your knees

the dissident frogman

Necrothreading much?

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I guess that's all you can expect, when you pot-smoke yourself to soft-a** social-democratic death while keeping the gates of multicultural Hell wide open:
Holland 'governed by fear of Islam'

A politician has warned that a "fear of Islam" is governing Holland after he delayed the release of a short film attacking the Koran.

Geert Wilders, 44, the leader of the Dutch Freedom Party, who compares the Muslim holy book to Adolf Hitler's Mein Kampf, sparked government panic after saying the anti-Islam film would be released tomorrow.
I find the comparison with Mein Kampf quite unfair to Mr. Hitler: he was far less prone to self-serving contradictions and illiterate ramblings than Mr. Mohammed with his Koran, but I get Mr. Wilders' point.

Oh and that fear of Islam is not just governing Holland, but extends to the rest of the once mighty Europa, British Isles included, unfortunately.

You've got to love the Dutch government's crisis management strategy though :
Iran's parliament, the Majlis, this week warned of "extensive repercussions from Muslims throughout the globe" if the film was broadcast.

In an attempt to defuse tensions, the Dutch government will tomorrow announce that it will not implement a ban on the Islamic burqa dress.
Which of course is pointless; it should be obvious by now that the only thing that can ever defuse "Muslims throughout the globe" is for Holland — and the rest of the globe — to drop its legal, judicial, constitutional, cultural and political systems, and submit to Sharia law.

Of course, come to think of it, "not implementing a ban on the burqa dress" could be seen as a first step in that direction.

The smell of soiled Dutch underwear in the morning.

Smells like... Well, Dhimmitude.



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The Wise knows that Cities are but demonic Soul-tearing pits that shall not be entered.

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The Wise knows that Cities are but demonic Soul-tearing pits that shall not be entered.

Comments thread (29)

3234 - Citizen Dane

Comment author avatar
Did you know that 17 danish newspapers just republished the mohammed cartoons as a respons to the dead threads against Kurt Westergaard and now the muslim countries once again burn danish flags, threaten to bomb Denmark, kill all danes and boycut danish products? Even though I gladly pay the price of all that to fight for freedom wouldnt it be nice if all the medias around the world would start broadcasting pictures of muhammed. Imagine pictures everywhere. What would the camel f**kers do then?

3235 - 2hotel9

Comment author avatar
  • 2hotel9 Western Pennsylvania

Good on ya, Squareheads!! I'll be heading out to purchase some Danish made products as soon as the ice clears here.

3236 - Citicen Dane

Comment author avatar
Thank you Sir. We appriciate it. And ALSO thank you America for your never ending fight for freedom and democracy everywhere. I think I will head out to by something american.

3237 - Iwo Gina

Comment author avatar
  • Iwo Gina Maryland

Hotel: I'll see your Havarti and raise you two Danish Butters!

Iwo Gina

3238 - TooTall

Comment author avatar

Citizen Dane - I'm sure that the readers on this site are quite aware of the brave stand that the Danish have taken against the attempts at intimidation that Muslin extremeists are making. Everyone on here IMHO is well read and aware of what's going on around the world. Add to that the fact that The Dissident Frogman has gone out of his way to keep everyone informed in a most humourous way about the stand of the Danes against terrorism which is so exceptional compared to the rest of Europe. Be assured that your stand is not only noted but also applauded. Please pass along my respects to your fellow citizens.

3239 - Mike H.

Comment author avatar
  • Mike H. Spokane, Wa

Dane, I think the best cartoon is the one the muslim imam drew about the dog doin' big Mo. I personally think that Jyllands-Posten should hire the muslim imam to show everyone else how to do it right.

3240 - 2hotel9

Comment author avatar
  • 2hotel9 Western Pennsylvania

What is a name brand liqour from Denmark? With the impending collapse of international trade I want to stock up! Got plenty of those delish canned hams and kippered herring, need to round out the whole Danish experience.

3241 - Citicen Dane

Comment author avatar
Thank you for all your support. I really dont want to exaggerate our contribution to the ongoing war. I know all the sacrifice America is doing and I am eternaly grateful for that. My beef is with journalists and editors around the world who apparently cant see that this is a something worth fighting for. Freedom of speech is not up for negotiation and the muslims can never win. If the danish papers can organize a protest like that it must be possible to do in other countries as well. Anyways, thanks for your support and God bless you all.

3242 - Iwo Gina

Comment author avatar
  • Iwo Gina Maryland

I've managed to do the impossible and register at LGF, but DF - you're still my favorite blogger and this is still my favorite site. I miss you, Froggy - hope you come back to the cyberworld soon and grace us with your wit and wisdom!

Iwo Gina