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Everyday Hero stands up to Al Gore the Scaremonger

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Necrothreading much?

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An Inconvenient ruling for Al Gore's Global Fear Factory: the former US Vice-President turned Enviro-Bogeyman won't be allowed to terrify little British children with impunity and the helping hand of the most Orwellian side of Her Majesty's Brownies.
Schools will have to issue a warning before they show pupils Al Gore's controversial film about global warming, a judge indicated yesterday.
And the hero who stood up against his children's indoctrination and brainwashing is Stewart Dimmock, a "lorry driver from Dover with children aged 11 and 14"
Stewart Dimmock said the former U.S. Vice-President's documentary, An Inconvenient Truth, is unfit for schools because it is politically biased and contains serious scientific inaccuracies and 'sentimental mush'.

He wants the video banned after it was distributed with four other short films to 3,500 schools in February. (...)

The outcome marks a partial victory for Mr Dimmock, who had accused the 'New Labour Thought Police' of indoctrinating youngsters by handing out thousands of Climate Change Packs to schools.
Thus I bid you Sir Stewart Dimmock, champion of Truth, and a proud descendant of Saint George, slayer of the dragon to whom younglings were offered as human sacrifice.
David Miliband, who was Environment-Secretary when the school packs were announced, said at the time: 'The debate over the science of climate change is well and truly over.'
You serpent! Not until the fat lady sings it ain't.

And not as long as Sir Dimmock has a spear to thrust.



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The Wise knows that Cities are but demonic Soul-tearing pits that shall not be entered.

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The Wise knows that Cities are but demonic Soul-tearing pits that shall not be entered.

Comments thread (38)

2819 - Red Collar

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  • Red Collar Montreal, Qc, Can

Understood. Thank you sir.

2820 - Denny_Crane

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Al Gore has just been awarded the Nobel Peace Prize. In Australia, The tv station that was covering it best, decided to feature the leader of the conservationist foundation. He went on saying that if we dont take climate change seriously then we face serious security threats. I fail to see the link between the earth getting warmer and our countrys security.....

2821 - Grimmy

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  • Grimmy Where I'm at.


The linkage supposedly goes like this:

As the have nots get more and more have notty then they'll act out and get pissy at those that aren't so have notish. So, droughts will force migrations, etc etc.

And those of us who are still in the greedy rat bastard level of have it allish wont want to share with the icky have notties. So the have notties will have no choice but to kill us and take our stuffs.

And, it will, of course, be all our fault, because we're just evil that way.

Where does the light go, when the light goes out?

2822 - Iwo Gina

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  • Iwo Gina Maryland

Red Collar: Want a good laugh (or maybe a good cry)? Read this short and concise article about the Goreacle's Nobel Prize here:

Pay special attention to what Rep. Rahm Emmanuel (AKA "SWAK" {Slick Willie Ass Kisser}, and a Big Brother wannabe {the book he co-authored with Bruce Reed, "The Plan", scares the hell out of me!}) says about Gore. VEEEEEEEEEEEEEEERY interesting!

Iwo Gina

2823 - Chris

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Halt, Al Gore, thy treacherous fiend, or thou shalt bathe in the fluid of a thousand bovines.

2824 - Banjo

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Don't worry about Al Gore running for president unless he starts to lose all that weight he's put on -- about 40 pounds, I'd estimate. As Ann Coulter observed, he looks like he ate Michael Moore.

2825 - Iwo Gina

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  • Iwo Gina Maryland

Banjo: OMG! ROFLMAO!!!

Wait - didn't Ted Kennedy do that?

Iwo Gina

2833 - Red Collar

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  • Red Collar Montreal, Qc, Can

First, Iwo Gina, "thanks a lot" for making me read the NYTimes... I'll get you for that. lol

And what I saw in the Globe and Mail yesterday seems to emulate Rahm Emmanuel's POV... (I wasn't thinking of you guys, but I had to take that picture)

But it's the phrase: "President Carter, stop calling me" that really cracked me up.

So I give you and honest THANK YOU for that one, dear.

Ok, I'm off to read up on COIN. Plus I have the latest Harry Potter to read and I'm going throught Orwell's The War Commentaries to see if I can pick up details that I missed last time.