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Good omen. Of sorts

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Okay, I briefly caught this and just had a quick look:
The Kingdom Gets the War on Terror Right

Peter Berg's new film dares to portray Americans as the good guys.

The Kingdom, Universal's $70 million contribution to the burgeoning Iraq/War-on-Terror genre, will not hit theaters until September 28, but already word on the film is immensely encouraging: all the right people hate it.

(...) Berg needn't worry-I bet the film will be a blockbuster. In the suburban New York theater where I saw it, the audience, full of New York Times readers and NPR listeners, seemed not only shaken afterward, but a little confused: the Americans were the good guys, and they won. But reports have it that elsewhere in the country, audiences are cheering.

Out September 28 — there's the good omen to me.

And on that, my dear reader, I'm off, out of the door with my rifle on my back and headed to the woods. This is the first day of the season and nothing, short of a full-scale Islamic invasion, can keep me away from hunting wild boars and the mighty European Red Deer (if we're lucky) today.

Have a good one.


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