Halp me Mikol Moure I’m stuck here n Fwance

11 years and 6 months ago

Halp me Mikol Moure I’m stuck here n Fwance

The best Social Securing and Health Caring State system in the whole world *evar*, period. We're so glad and proud of it, it's a pleasure to be sick.

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Expect (even) light(er) blogging today: I've got both an ophthalmologist and a dentist appointment. I've called to get these appointments 7 months and 6 months ago, respectively — and these were the quickest I could find (yeah like many people here, I called several practitioners in both disciplines, securing appointments all the way until I could find the shortest waiting line).

I expect to let go a couple hundreds of Monkey Monies(1), that I'll have to pay on the spot. On these, Social Security racketeers will "generously" credit me back with a few tenths of the same currency — notwithstanding the fact that they've been taking a fair share of my income, coercively of course, ever since I've started to work and will continue to do so until the day I die. But then, I've also got a penalty for not picking a specific practitioner, as ordered requested by my local Social Security Komissariat, and stick to him, no matter what(2), me filthy antisocial right-wing anarchist me(3).

Personal message to Michael "Thicko" Moore: give me a call when you'll have a chance. There's a thing or two I wanted to tell you about Socialist socialized health care, and bald face lying jokumentary directors.
  1. Occasionally called "Euros"
  2. Like three or four months extra waiting time.
  3. Me is so not playing the game, that if you'd ask me, I'd throw me in a gulag and let me rot there until I submit to the Will of the Collective.


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Comments thread (3)

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  • KLStranger from out there

Some of us prefer "filthy antisocial right-wing anarchists" on their lightest of blogging days, to the Socialist spewing of Mikol Moure. 

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  • Iwo GinaMaryland

Be brave, little froggie - my thoughts are with you… hope you don’t get pumped so full of novacaine (or whatever it is they use these days to numb you up - I prefer a good whiskey, myself ;) that you can’t talk or eat and you drool like one of Pavlov’s puppies. But, if that’s the case, at least you won’t feel it too much when they take your cash! (they do numb you up over there on your side of the pond… don’t they????)

Iwo Gina :coolsmile:

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  • FollyUSA

Michael Moore is an idiot. Why Europeans and the leftists in this country worship him I’ll never know. I refuse to give him any of my hard-earned money so I won’t see this latest "mockumentary."  The same people who tried to collect income taxes off my dead father are suddenly competent enough to run our healthcare system?