Hollande: on my Doomsday Clock, it is precisely…

6 years and 6 months ago

Hollande: on my Doomsday Clock, it is precisely…

Europe at the eleventh hour: Hollande told that 'the nick of time' isn't "when you realize some bloody thief stole your watch."

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The Telegraph follows the Euromeltdown day by day, and because they're British and had (once) a great and most prescient Prime Minister who said "No, no, no" to continental promiscuities (note to Lord Howe: how do you like your cricket metaphors now?), they can afford to bring a bit of snarky in an otherwise dire situation.

Like, a photo of the shiny new Socialist French President in action:

I know, this kind of goofiness happens to anyone, but still: you'd think this guy would be a bit more.... Shall we say "focused" than the average person these days?


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Comments thread (2)

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  • mocking101birdTennessee, USA

Welcome back, Frogman!

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  • GCTStranger from out there

Salute Frogman.  I actually shed a tear reading this.  People just want to give up and I still love my country.  Pundits telling us the Repubs lost because they needed to shift is bull puckie. I make this prediction sir/madam.

The repub leadership will believe this drivel.  Thanks for reminding me who we are.