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Hurrah for Comrade Obama

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You can always count on Europe. As President Hanky Panky's approval rates are falling—and rightly so—his European admirers are growing by the day, with more joining the fan-club every time he manages to bring America further down:
President Obama makes US popular in Europe again, Pew poll says

Europeans have grown fonder of the US since Barack Obama became President, but Israeli affections have cooled and the Muslim world has barely noticed the new man in the White House.

These are the findings of a global opinion survey published by the Pew Research Centre yesterday. The poll found the biggest change in mood in Western Europe.
Well yeah, of course. Falling economy, rising unemployment, deceitful Left-wing politicians running the show—and record deficits—while seizing private businesses, intimidating their shareholders into silence and submission, and devising ever more audacious taxpayer money-grabbing schemes compared to which Bernie's Ponzi looks like amateur night: now, thank to Obama, my Eurofellow-citizens can truly identify with America.

Quite predictably, the French are the biggest Marxist-America groupies:
The French love America, with 75 per cent pronouncing themselves favourably disposed towards the US. Britain rings in second with nearly 70 per cent, up 16 points since last year.
I'm getting tired of writing I told you so, and you're probably tired of reading it, but still, when it comes to Obama and the French: I told you why he was the perfect candidate, when he was so unfortunately elected.

And no, it has nothing to do with a sudden, renewed Gallic love for the U.S. of A.—Make no mistake, the French are as anti-American as ever. Bush gave them a fierce, proud and powerful America, and they hate him for that. Obama is the agent of a declining one and even, perhaps, the artisan of her demise1.

And they love him for that.
  1. Judging by the amount of books predicting the end of the American "empire" published in France for decades, trust me: they are hoping for that. Obsessively.


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