I, King of the World

11 years and 7 months ago

I, King of the World

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Sorry for using a lousy quote from a lousy actor in a lousy movie as a title, but it does capture the general mood, here in the decompression chamber.

Not only do I have outstandingly steadfast readers — I'm glad to call you all friends — who didn't give up on me despite a long hiatus, not only am I at the sweet and coveted receiving end of many a Southern Belle's attention, who either pick me as their champion, or blow air kisses at me, now one of America's best, veteran OldRustyKnight, wrote a poem on the dissident frogman.

I can't tell you how deeply moved and honored I am, so I'll just let the warrior-poet speak:

"the Frogman"
(a dissident)

cji, 9/1/07

A voice to be read
sometimes heard
words to be said
annoying the herd;

Coming forth truth
dissembled press
trying to reach youth
to avoid lies mess;

The Frogman found
a dissident voice
a message sound
giving all a choice!

Words and picture by cji - copyright © 2007

Now if you please, let's have a standing ovation for OldRustyKnight, while I'll just go and die content.


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  • tinga-tinga

“To pull down him, who with presumpt’ous aim Would filch a feather from the plume of fame ; To nip the petals of an op’ning flower, Which at most, could not survive an hour;  This sterile soil, itself, no plant can rear—Exotics only live and flourish here.  ‘Tis foreign genius charms the present age, Hence foreign genius must supply the stage.  Our homebred authors must suspend their flight, And hidden lie in dark oblivion’s night.”

(The American Captive or Seige of Tripoli  A Drama in five acts, by James Ellison, 1812)  (:-D)

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  • SisterToldjah

Ok, inspired by cji, and having some time on my hands tonight, I decided to give writing a very short poem in French a try.  This took me a while, so try not to laugh too loud, ya’ll ;) Here goes:

Le Dissident Frogman est un ecrivain extraordinaire,

Il se conduire avec un flair grand,

Je l’intention lire le journalier,

Et aussi passer juste dire “salut!”

Ok - I know I just mangled the beautiful French language, so here’s a translation as to what I was trying to say, in case something gets lost in the, ahem, translation (my goal was to make it rhyme, but it only rhymes when I write it in English):

The Dissident Frogman is a writer extraordinaire,

Who conducts himself with great flair,

I plan to read him everyday,

And also to stop by just to say “hey!”

That’s my version of speaking French with a Southern accent ;)

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  • Iwo Gina Maryland

Sis - I think if you can make a good chili, the DF just might propose!

Well done on the poem, and I just love your blog site.

Iwo Gina :coolsmile:

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  • SisterToldjah

Well done on the poem, and I just love your blog site.

Thanks! On both counts.

I forgot to give credit (or blame?) last night to a couple of online French/English translation sites, as well as my trusty dusty book on French words and phrases.  Even at that, it still took some time to come up with my lame attempt at poetry ;)

Good to see you commenting at my blog this morning, by the way.  You sure ripped tommy a new one! LOL