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Iran is your friend, Bush is a Manichean God-worshipping wacko

Also, Queen Elizabeth had these weird dreams about ponies.

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Necrothreading much?

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Straight from the Rothbardian Parallel Dimension, a stunning lack of insight and understanding of The Rest of The World from the Mises Institute's Daily Insanity Article:
The key passage in Glenn Greenwald's masterly book appears on page 186:
Iran is a rational state actor, which, like most other countries in the world — including American allies — will eagerly cooperate with the United States when their interests coincide with ours…. To know that a country and its leaders act rationally is to take a huge and critical step toward realizing that that country — no matter how internally repressive it might be — cannot and will not be a threat to the U.S.
Greenwald's argument is a simple one: Because of the overwhelming military might of the United States, no other country can attack us without facing utter destruction. Other countries, wishing rationally to advance their own interests, grasp this fact. Accordingly, they will neither attack us nor threaten us. A rational American foreign policy then to a large extent presents no difficulty. Military measures directed against other countries are unnecessary. Given the manifest costs of these measures, we should not undertake them.
Well, someone needs to look up the History of the second half of the XXth century, stretching to the first decade of the XXIst. And the meaning of "Asymmetric warfare" and "Terrorism". Might help in the current context.

A long time ago, I somehow ended up on the mailing list of Those American Freedom Champions at the Mises Institute, and I actually suppose someone signed me up — probably "for my own good" — because I certainly didn't. I must confess I haven't canceled the subscription for the sheer laughing value of these daily emails from a bunch of scholars who deploy tremendous efforts convincing their readers that the US government is the only last obstacle between Man and Freedom. Their idol and prophet, Murray Rothbard pitched the same raw deal with respect to the Soviet Union during the Cold War (Ivan is your friend, etc.)

So far, this review of what looks like a terribly original thesis on Bush the Black-and-White World Fundamentalist by one Greenwald "A Tragic Legacy: How a good vs. evil mentality destroyed the Bush presidency", and the particular quote that makes the opening of the Mises Institute's article truly take the cake.

Iran is a rational state actor. There is no such thing as starting your day with a good laugh.

This, again, coming from folks who fancy themselves as the staunchest and fiercest opponents of Collectivism, tyrants, and Collectivist tyrants. Small wonder Ron Paul, who sail under the same wind, gets so much love from the loony "anti-war" Collectivists Left.

By the way, how does Mahmoud's(1) repeated and flat out pledge to wipe Israel off the map play with those Libertarians' much worshipped Principle of Non-Aggression, I wonder?



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The Wise knows that Cities are but demonic Soul-tearing pits that shall not be entered.

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The Wise knows that Cities are but demonic Soul-tearing pits that shall not be entered.

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2958 - Karridine

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Un moment, s'il-vous plait... I logged in, "Proved Myself" and now I'm NOT logged in?

Eh, bien... anyways, I agree with Greewald van Rothbart: Iran will cooperate WHEN its goals closely match America's, which means, oh, 2-3% of the time.

The rest of the time available to America and Iran, America is pursuing goals which enhance, secure or develop FREEDOM, and Iran is pursuing goals which minimize, isolate or inhibit personal responsible FREEDOM! And Iran does so when it is not killing, hanging or harassing Baha'is; in the spare time when it is not HANGING RAPE VICTIMS; or beating and imprisoning women for wearing colorful clothes or thinking for themselves or...

Ahk! You get the picture! (Would that Gleen Grenwald got the picture!)