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Forget about them. If you get the drift of Patrick Cabouat and the French state TV, the real story about these guys was their "hidden face" of rapists and murderers.
Joe at No Pasaran, providing me with the last in a very long list of reasons why I dumped my TV six years ago, and never looked back:
How France3 “Celebrated” 9/11

A correspondent writes: This is at least the third airing of this documentary. (...) one airing I remember in particular was around the D-Day anniversary of 2005, when the MSM emphasized the brotherhood of French and German veterans, how the allied bombed French cities, (...)

The TV guide notes: ”The Hidden Face of the Liberators” - (rerun) A documentary by Patrick Cabouat. (...) liberators who were meant to liberate Europe from Nazism raped or killed French, British, and German citizens in 1944 and 45. The recent opening of legal archives permitted us to see something that would otherwise remain a secret.

Our view: this documentary is a poignant testimony of the acts of atrocities of soldier welcomed as liberators.

Of course, by "soldiers welcomed as liberators" they don't really mean anyone in the uniform of the glorious Red Army(1) (well, they couldn't possibly rape British citizens that's for sure.) — do I really have to draw you a picture?

A bit of context is required here:

NP's correspondent's memory probably fails him, as this "documentary" was released on March 2006 — still I did hear about it being aired around a D-Day anniversary (most likely 2006).

There's only four national TV channels in France (at least last time you could find me dozing in front of the French idiot box). Three out of the four are state owned and run. The remaining one, TF1, simply "follow the recommendations" (if it wants to keep its license, it better be) despite all Gallic delusions about its independence.

France 3, who apparently can't get enough spitting on G.I. Joe's grave, is one of the national State TV channel. Not some plug-ugly Parisian twat webcasting his bile from his living-room. A French state TV. Keep that in mind next time you feel all funny in the knees because Sarkozy shows you l'amour.

This rerun on September 11 fulfills multiple functions, like demonstrating ostensibly how little this country cares about 9/11, and adding more material to the rewriting of WWII's history in Europe — downplaying and soiling les Anglo-Saxons' central role and achievements in the affair — a trend that's been gathering speed for the last 5 years or so. It is also time sensitive, and follows the recent anti-American army fest and standing ovation slimy Old Europe offered to Hollywood has-been De Palma.

For the French state TV, it's really not enough to blather that US soldiers are a bunch of rapists and murderers nowadays — one has to make the claim they've always been so.

And rerun it again and again, until it sticks.

Edited: not 4 but 5 national TV channels - I forgot about the trendy neo-Marxist hack called Canal+, an allegedly private venture that could never make a profit and keeps being saved from bankruptcy with generous taxpayers' "grants". Gosh, I so do not care about French TV...
Edited again: Make it 6, as I forgot another one. I think that's all now. Told you I didn't care about it, didn't I?
  1. I believe it's the first time I link to anything by the Guardian. Nasty feeling, but hey, if even the Grauniad can acknowledge that rape was endemic within the Red Army...


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