Many good titles for a book on Bill Clinton

11 months and 3 weeks ago

Manygood titlesfor abookonBill Clinton

This may, or may not be one of them.

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Idle browsing for books online, just looking at covers, is something that appeals to both my interests in graphic design and reading.

And it can be funny:

Book Cover: Inside the Clinton White House

I can’t decide if this is a poor choice of words or a clever double-entendre. Give that man a cigar, I suppose.

No idea if this book is a puff piece, a hatchet job or an honest portrait of the one Clinton that managed to sit (among other things) behind the Resolute desk, and I have no intention to find out.

Life is short, and there’s enough material on the great US Presidents I haven’t read without loosing time on the shysters.


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