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Necrothreading much?

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The White House publishes the Remarks of Resident Barack [Hussein — Ed.] Obama At Student Roundtable In Istanbul, and it's such a mixed bag of Leftist drivel (from global warming to Palestinians) that I frankly can't be bothered to read it all, let alone fisk it all. Life is too short.

Just a couple of snippets though so that you can't complaint you came here for nothing today:
Resident Obama: "If we want to say to Iran, don't develop nuclear weapons because if you develop them then everybody in the region is going to want them and you'll have a nuclear arms race in the Middle East and that will be dangerous for everybody -- if we want to say that to Iranians, it helps if we are also saying, "and we will reduce our own," so that we have more moral authority in those claims."
Was that teleprompted? Probably not, and this would explain the lack of commas.

Okay, I know this resident is shaping up to be the dumbest Resident of the United States so far (from Grandpa liberating Auschwitz to Gordon Brown's DVDs) but that was one of the dumbest things he's said so far.

Hey, Mister Resident, just in case Hillary didn't send you the memo, the Iranian regime is a bunch of Islamic Apocalypse cranks, who've been financing, enabling and engaging into terrorist attacks worldwide for decades, while hanging their own kids, arresting, torturing and executing political opponents and pursuing nukes for the sole purpose of wiping a democratic state from the map. If you, Barack Hussein Obama, believe that America must put down her weapons to "have moral authority" over that kind of fanatics, then what you need first is a moral compass.

Because you obviously don't know jack about morals.
For example, I agree that al Qaeda is an enormous threat not just to the United States but to the world. I have no sympathy and I have no patience for people who would go around blowing up innocent people for a political cause. I don't believe in that.
Woah, impressive display of moral authority Mr. Resident Obama Sir. One name does leap to mind however, when it comes to your sympathy and patience.

Here's a tip, a quote from that dude published in the NYT on September 11, 2001:
''I don't regret setting bombs,'' [He] said. ''I feel we didn't do enough.''
Here's a second tip, from the same puff piece:
''Kill all the rich people. Break up their cars and apartments. Bring the revolution home, kill your parents, that's where it's really at,''
Yeah, Mr Resident Obama Sir, that's your old pal Bill Ayers — I wonder if you mentioned him to those admiring Turkish students?



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The Wise knows that Cities are but demonic Soul-tearing pits that shall not be entered.

Comments thread (23)

4058 - Mike H.

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  • Mike H. Spokane, Wa

To the previously unknown person named Jane, if you feel that you must drop the O-bomb (obfuscation) then I will be forced to return fire with an obstreperous, to wit, he is an obstreperous twit. And if you dare to return fire then I'll be forced to hit him harder. ;) (Come on I dare ya,)(Please?)

4059 - privatei2

Comment author avatar

Why am I so naive? DF warned us it was a puff piece and yet I still clicked on the link to the NYT article and was rewarded with such gems as the following:

''Is this, then, the truth?,'' he writes. ''Not exactly. Although it feels entirely honest to me.''
But why would someone want to read a memoir parts of which are admittedly not true? Mr. Ayers was asked.
''Obviously, the point is it's a reflection on memory,'' he answered. ''It's true as I remember it.''

Revisionist memory. That's priceless. I should have just stuck to reading DF's stuff.

4060 - 2hotel9

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  • 2hotel9 Western Pennsylvania

I ask again, what is this asshole's deal?

4061 - the dissident frogman

Comment author avatar
  • the dissident frogman France

2hotel9: I assume you're referring to the subject of this post, Mr. Hussein Obama, Resident of the United States?

Time to take sides

4062 - 2hotel9

Comment author avatar
  • 2hotel9 Western Pennsylvania

No, privatei2. I keep seeing it posting the most lame brained and contradictory crap, was just wondering if it is your first comment thread troll.

4066 - unknown jane

Comment author avatar

to the poster Mike:

Whiskey Tango Foxtrot over?

the teleprompter messiah isn't obfusicating? (obfusicationist, an obfusicator?)

I'm not allowed to think that? (you are dealing with an addict in extreme withdrawal here, my synapse are not picking up nuance, sublety, or sarcasm right at the moment -- not that they did so well with that to begin with)

As for "obsteperous" (did I spell that right, hope so) -- I beg to differ, to be obsteperous is to have a rambunctious quality -- I don't find his royal highness of Lake Shore Drive rambunctious at all; some of his minions might possibly qualify though.

4069 - the dissident frogman

Comment author avatar
  • the dissident frogman France

2hotel9: sorry Bro, but I don't get it. If you're talking about the Atlas Shrugged post incident, are you aware privatei2 offered an apology, in case you felt you were attacked (or something along those lines)?

I believe he's sincere, and I believe his only mistake (if any) was to overestimate the capacity of his words to convey sarcasm and humor accurately, which can and does happen to us all, including me - I don't think he was trolling at all.

You've been a regular here for a long time, and you know I have no patience at all for drive-by shooters and other comment trolls. I implemented the registration system when I last redesigned the blog for two reasons: cut down on spam cleaning chores, and keep as many trolls away as possible. If I had the slighest doubt about privatei2's intentions, he would already be out. I don't, and I appreciate his contribution so far as much as any other reader (and dare I say friends for most of them).

If you have reasons to believe I'm wrong, then please let's sort this out between gentlemen, either through private messages or email - and if privatei2 is reading this and feels he's been unfairly singled out, then by all means let's discuss it.

If the matter is closed, I'm going to open a can of my favorite British imported beer @22:30 GMT+1 tonight. I suggest you and privatei2 do the same (accounting for the shift in your respective time zone) and drink with me while we bury this hatchet. Let's spare our figthing spunk for those who deserve it.

(Oh, and if privatei2 turned out to be a "she" rather than a "he", then the grammar goes down, and the beer can be replaced with whatever you ladies drink.)

Time to take sides

4070 - 2hotel9

Comment author avatar
  • 2hotel9 Western Pennsylvania

OK, I missed that from him. I have been neck deep in helping get people to TEA Party events, getting several hundred emails per day, sorry to have been an ass about it.

Privatei2, my apologies!

4074 - privatei2

Comment author avatar

No problem, 2hotel. I was out of town for a couple days or I would have responded to your post sooner (so as not to appear to be pouting). I wasn't here for the tea party, but I hear the local news barely mentioned it and there was a large turnout. Heard that 8,000 were expected, but I don't know how many were actually there.

Then I get back to town too late for DF and 2hotel's beerfest. I would have brought chocolate martinis. (ha! I defy anyone to think I'm a man now!) But thanks for not banning me. I like it here.

4075 - the dissident frogman

Comment author avatar
  • the dissident frogman France

There is such a thing as chocolate martinis ?!

Time to take sides