My Descartes kicks your Allah

11 years and 6 months ago

My Descartes kicks your Allah

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I’m a country at the center of one of the world’s largest religion.

My criminal justice system strictly follows the tenets of said religion.

Under these tenets, this system’s count of capital punishment was 191 executions in 2005 and 102 so far in 2007. (hint: I’m not the USA. When it comes to capital punishment, Americans are pathetic amateurs compared to me.)

The defendants can be denied a lawyer at trial, and their confessions obtained under duress, torture or deception. Defendants and soon-to-be executed can also be underage teenagers.

We carry the death sentence by beheading. Publicly, and by an executioner wielding a sword.

Headless bodies can be left on public display.

No, I’m not the Vatican. No, I'm not Israel.

Who am I?

And because there’s always room for a good laugh, even at the bottom of a ghastly story for a ghastly country, I give you Suhaila Hammad, of Saudi Arabia’s National Society for Human Rights(1)
She [Suhaila Hammad] said the number of executions had risen because crime had increased. She said that prisoners were treated humanely and that beheadings deterred crime.

"Allah, our creator, knows best what's good for his people," she said.
Well if Allah your creator knows best what’s good for you people, then Allah your creator is a complete idiot. Otherwise, he wouldn’t let you ridicule yourself publicly in the international media, with such a display of abysmal countersense and incoherence: if beheadings deterred crime, then the number of executions wouldn’t rise because of an increase of crime. Since, you know, crime is supposedly deterred in the first place by the Saudi State appointed saber rattling raghead.

Yeah, I know. That kind of advanced logic, it’s all a bit difficult to grasp for a blithering imbecile such as Suhaila over there, stuck as she is in the medieval religious mindset of a retarded country — Pity, petrodollars can give you tacky diamond stuffed watches in Geneva and other luxury hotels on La Croisette, but it won't buy you brain cells.

Good thing Allah knows best then.
  1. Yeah I know. A Saudi society for human rights is funny too, but that's not the actual joke. Don't laugh all your laughs just yet.


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  • Purple Raider

If Allah tells you to behead those who insult islam, then, to pharaphrase Louis Farakhan (sp), Islam is a gutter religion.



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  • Mike H.Spokane, Wa

Wait a minute…..This Hammad broad is in charge of Human Rights? Saudi Arabia doesn’t know what humans are, let alone rights. There’s a stench coming out of Saudi Arabia. And it’s Wahhabism!

et sic de similibus!