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Or at least that's what Michael Moore would look like if he took my advice as to where exactly he should bear his Palme d'Or.

Michael Moore Is A Big Fat Stupid White Man is a new book I've co-written with legendary Moore skeptic David T. Hardy. And while the title is a parody of Moore's own works, the content of the book is a thorough examination of a career spent in hypocrisy, pseudo-intellectualism, deception, and deceit.
Precisely. And if you were wondering: that's how you get a Golden Palm and a standing ovation in Cannes: by being a big fat lying idiot among your peers.

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En tout cas, c'est ce à quoi Michael Moore ressemblerait si il suivait mon avis sur l'endroit exact où porter sa Palme d'Or.

Michael Moore Is A Big Fat Stupid White Man (DF: Michael Moore Est Un Gros et Gras Crétin de Blanc) est un nouveau livre que j'ai co-écrit avec David T. Hardy, notoirement dubitatif de Moore. Alors que le titre est une parodie du propre travail de Moore, le contenu du livre est une investigation minutieuse de toute une carrière accomplie dans l'hypocrisie, le pseudo intellectualisme, la tromperie et la fourberie.
Précisément. Et si vous vous le demandiez : c'est ainsi que l'on obtient la Palme d'Or et les rappel du publique à Cannes : et étant un gros, gras et malhonnête idiot parmi ses pairs.


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  • Moishe

I realize that this is not Michael Moore, but I read you often and I am posting where I read.
The Islamic Fascist Death Cultists have lost their war.
These people are Evil and will be crushed like the vermin that they are.
(Arafat has lost his stupid war also.  The Palestinians are crushed and totally defeated.)
There will be more death, but the Death cult actions are the last gasp of a dying movement.
The world is going to change big time in a very short time.
Moore will join the dinosaurs (in his own time, of course…)

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  • Unfettered

Michael Moore
Michael Moore,
he ain’t so wise
he makes a living
telling lies.

“Regulate this,
regulate that!”
Clinging to the gub’ment
like a spoiled little brat.

Rigid thinking
masked with rage
is a backward method
like minimum wage.

Fourteen an Hour,
don’t fail HIS test!
Anything less
and your under arrest.

Obnoxious and loud,
so filled with hate.
He really can’t help it
he’s a ward of the state.

“I’ll poke my camera
into your face
make you look guilty
and berate you in place!”

“Those greedy corporations,”
Ewwwww, they’re so bad!
I’ll teach them a lesson.
Conform! or be sad!”

Like a union thug
he’ll get in your face.
Show you who’s boss
and dump on your race.

Don’t “cross the line”
you know what you’ll get,
a busted lip
and a lawn full of shit.

Demean, intimidate,
berate and ridicule;
these are the methods
that Michael finds cool.

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  • Tomas Kohl

Man are you on a vacation or what? Or did the Chirac’s goons finally get you? Come back! :)