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There's some progress

"The greatest pleasure is to break your enemies, to drive them before you, to take all the things that have been theirs, to hear the weeping of those who cherished them, to press in your arms the most desirable of their women—Genghis Khan."

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Call me Mr Not-Very-Nice but I can't help drawing connections between these two bits of news coming down the wire this morning. First the Times (of London), that has taken this preposterous habit of calling the terrorists "militants":
Osama bin Laden's son 'killed in US drone strike'

Osama bin Laden's son Sa'ad was is (sic) thought to have been killed by a US strike in Pakistan, it emerged today.

Sa'ad bin Laden, a prominent figure in the murky relationship between Iran and al Qaeda, was believed to have gone to Pakistan after spending a number of years under house arrest in Iran, according to US intelligence officials.

It is understood that a missile fired from a drone aircraft killed him earlier this year this year, according to a report on US National Public Radio.
Ka-boom. Who's your Daddy now?

Next, Fox News. Emphasis mine for, you know, drawing connections:
Stone Age Murder:1 Spear Wound Shows Human Killed Neanderthal

Newly analyzed remains suggest that a modern human killed a Neanderthal man in what is now Iraq between 50,000 and 75,000 years ago.

The finding is scant but tantalizing evidence for a theory that modern humans helped to kill off the Neanderthals.

The probable weapon of choice: A thrown spear.
Has it been so long since the 101st pulverized Saddam Hussein's rabid offspring? Man, time flies.

Still, as I was saying in introduction, I see connections and progress here. An alternate title for this entry could have been, perhaps:

The Modern Man
From Thrown Spears To Unmanned Aerial Vehicles: Whacking Neanderthals Since the Stone Age (and loving it).

(For other Neanderthal News, see this: Hundreds flee as military drill sparks bushfire in Marseille [France — Ed.])
  1. Throwing presumption of innocence through the window huh? Could have been self-defense. Or Just War. Those Neanderthals were such a bunch of vicious bastards. Or this particular one tried a pass at Modern Man's Modern Woman and things got out of hands.


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