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Necrothreading much?

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Have your see on the BBC: What is your reaction to Saddam Hussein's capture? How should he be dealt with? Where should he be tried?

Scroll about halfway down, until you find Wil Voitus van Hamme.

Or read below, as I copied it for you:
The fact that Saddam has been captured loads the obligation on the world to bring him to justice under international law. He cannot be tried just by Iraq because his crimes have gone beyond the borders of this country. He should stand trial in The Hague, The Netherlands. This will not only ensure a fair trial but also no death penalty.

Wil Voitus van Hamme, Blandford Forum, Dorset
In that case, the question we could ask "Willy the Fair" is "fair for whom exactly?" but I suggest we don't linger on Wil Voitus' Void Vision, it's not worth it and Ze famous de Vile-pin can spin that kind of things much better (he's a poet. And a man too).

Instead, take a look at Rakib's post just below Wil's:
To Wil Hamme: Saddam Hussein should be tried by the countries whose people he killed such as Iranian and Iraqis. If he's tried by (western controlled) international court whom he didn't do anything to, this is another sign that the western world is trying to dominate the world.

Rakib, Dhaka, Bangladesh
Ouch. Ouch. Ouch.

Poor Willy, and him being fair an' all.

Article copy (alternate language)

Voyez-y sur la BBC: Quelle est votre réaction à la capture de Saddam Hussein ? Comment doit-il être traité ? Où doit-il être jugé ?

Scrollez vers le bas et à la moitié environ, jusqu'à ce que vous trouviez Wil Voitus van Hamme.

Ou lisez ci-dessous puisque je l'ai copié pour vous :
Le fait que Saddam ait été capturé impose au monde de le présenter devant la justice en vertu des lois internationales. Il ne peut pas être jugé seulement par l'Irak car ses crimes ont dépassé les frontières de son pays. Il doit être poursuivi à la Hague, Pays-Bas. Cela n'assurera pas seulement un procès équitable mais aussi l'absence de peine de mort.

Wil Voitus van Hamme, Blandford Forum, Dorset
Dans ce cas, la question que nous pourrions poser à "Willy l'Equitable" est "équitable pour qui exactement ?" mais je suggère de ne pas s'attarder sur la Vision Vide de Wil Voitus, elle n'en vaut pas la peine et Ze fameux de Vile pin peut vous brancher sur ce genre d'argument bien mieux (c'est un poète. Et un homme aussi).

Au lieu de ça, jetez un oeil sur le post de Rakib, juste en dessous de celui de Wil :
A Wil Hamme: Saddam Hussein doit être jugé par les pays des gens qu'il a tué comme les iraniens et les irakiens. Si il est jugé par une cour internationale (contrôlée par l'occident) à qui il n'a rien fait, c'est un autre signe que le monde occidental essaye de dominer le monde.

Rakib, Dhaka, Bangladesh
Ouille. Ouille. Ouille.

Pauvre Willy, et lui qu'était équitable et tout.



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The Wise knows that Cities are but demonic Soul-tearing pits that shall not be entered.

Comments thread (5)

1182 - Joe

Comment author avatar
It's amazing. I must have written dozens of comments at the Beeb's "Have Your Say" site, not mean sounding or thoughtless ones at that, but definately "pro-American" (interest) and certainly not "transnational". The only one they ever picked up was not political, but funny. I used to love the BBC. I still listen to it out of childhood remenissence, but they are OBSESSED with the US to the point of contriving facts, broadcasting opinions of only the LEAST articulate American commentors, simply hammering hammering hammering, and with interviewing people who let their hate speech do the talking for them. (Followed by a winking "tut-tut".) They need to get serious about news reporting standards. The need to rewind to the early 80's or scrap the thing and start over. By example - last night they repeated over and over that the immigration law change is a plea for votes. From whom? Resident aliens cant vote, and working folks cant get out of the backs of their minds that illegal immigrants *take* jobs from citizens - VOTING citizens. Have your say has yet to pick up ANY such "non-anti-US" reflection.

1183 - Damian Bennett

Comment author avatar
What are we to make of Mr. Wil Voitus van Hamme of Blanford Forum, Dorset? BEFORE the liberation of Iraq Mr. van Hamme and his ilk were not too finicky about bringing Saddam to justice under international law. Why Mr. van Hamme and his ilk thought Saddam well within the pale of international law. What went on in Iraq under Saddam, well, Mr. van Hamme and crew were very busy, too busy to notice, much too busy to raise a fuss. They weren't spending their evenings in a rape room. "He cannot be tried just by Iraq because his crimes have gone beyond the borders of this country." And yet, prior to Saddam's capture, Mr. van Hamme and his ilk never acknowledged any of these crimes they are now hot to bring before an "international" court in The Hague. Lastly, our friends, Mr. van Hamme and his crew, believe voiding the death penalty is a good in itself, beyond the enormity of Saddam's crimes, beyond the findings of justice. By turns enablers, champions, apologists, and hand-wringers -- what are we to make of Mr. Wil Voitus van Hamme of Blanford Forum, Dorset and his holiday band of jurists? They are frauds and worse than frauds. DGB

1184 - Chris

Comment author avatar
I say, give him a go at the Hague, so that Slobo can have a backgammon partner to play with during breaks at his (now) 2 year trial. Maybe he'll even get a seat in the new Iraqi legislature like Milosevic just did in Serbia in absentia (or is that in prisonentia?). Saddam in '06!

1185 - Mitch

Comment author avatar
What to do with Saddam? To quote Judge Roy Bean, the Law West of the Pecos: "A fair trial, followed by a fair hangin'."

1186 - lola

Comment author avatar
D'accord avec Mitch et son juge Bean, haut et court, inutile d'épiloguer, c'est lâche et malhonnête et ça ressemble trop à ce que nos gouvernements pratiquent! Au sujet du message du 7, impossible d'ouvrir les liens (sauf le site maçonique qui recrute...) Etait-ce un post flatteur?