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Necrothreading much?

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It's done. And among other things, it seems to me that the missing half of the Vietnam war victory - the political one - was just won.

Now I do hope that the Pandora box that was opened here and here won't be closed alongside the ballot ones.

These questions still need answers and the men of honor who fought in Vietnam are entitled to them.

But as I just read from a dear texan friend, let's gloat, at least just for today.



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The Wise knows that Cities are but demonic Soul-tearing pits that shall not be entered.

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The Wise knows that Cities are but demonic Soul-tearing pits that shall not be entered.

Comments thread (8)

1659 - Valerie

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The concession speech is about to take place. I have been waiting SO long for this... I keep giggling like a little girl.... :)

1660 - ch

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Thank God (if I believed in him) you're back.

1661 - Valerie, Texas

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Dear wonderful, long lost Frogman! So glad you are back. You have been missed! Now, let's break out the booze and do the Happy Dance! The Frogman is back and JoKe IS GONE. Life is good. Valerie, I too have awaited this day. For many long years. This lying, backstabbing POS will cause no more harm to the good men who fought, suffered and died in Vietnam.

1662 - Z.Z.B.

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Excellent site. The editors at the ZZ News Portal occasionally scan the web manually for interesting feed content and we came across your site today. We would like to invite you to add your site's url to our OpenRing as your material appears interesting and aligned with our readership. If you are interested you can find further information at ZZ OpenRing and at the ZardozZ OpenWeb. Hope you'll join us...

1663 - MVH

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Said the Yankee, Impirialist, Capitalist, Texas Cowboy: "Hey, Ho chi Min! Just branded one of your 'foreign heroes' witha big Dubiya. By the way, Dubiya stands for Woop-Ass. Yeeeeeee-Haaaaaaw!"

1664 - Valerie, Texas

Comment author avatar
Speaking of opening a can of "Whup-ass"...that red button is some can! Kerry, consider yourself whupped. Frogman style.

1665 - B. Durbin

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Frogman, regarding the red button above... Are you on crack? No, really, are you on crack? As to the song, it sounds as though it's based on a speeded-up version of Mahna Mahna as recorded by the Muppets. That might help with tracking it down.

1666 - Mashiki

Comment author avatar
Gloat! Gloat! I enjoyed the sight of a red mist(exploding heads) in Canada...oh...and the conspiracy theories are just wild. I keep expecting to hear that the world is going to end any day now. Bwahahaha. Good Flash DF.