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Plead against the anti ♠ Plaidoyer contre les anti

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Glad to see that you’re alive &icking.

I watched ‘Ripostes’ (current affairs debate show on Franco-German tv) this evening.  The subject was G8, but the REAL subject was USA-bashing.  Why wasn’t I surprised at that…

Anyway, to make the usual story short, an American journalist named Stanger told the left-loving anti-capitalist (read anti-American) guests that, in his opinion, they only use globalization as a means of seeking political power for themselves as their usual tropes (i.e. retirement/pensions) aren’t of enough interest to the population or media.  Stanger also said that the French ‘Green’ Party was just a way to recycle hasbeen lefties.

And he said it in perfect French.

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