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Not your Mom's agony uncle

Dear the dissident frogman ...


To reveal my email address, find the 3rd  number in the code and enter it in the challenge field below.


The Wise knows that Cities are but demonic Soul-tearing pits that shall not be entered.


My public key fingerprint

Use my public key for all your encryption needs: email, but also 'manual' encryption of the text you send either by private message or the contact form below, as well as file attachments when possible. (not super convenient for both of us but everything has a cost.)

Private message

Manual or unencrypted. Storage not fully under my control.

Not secure enough if you are, say, a high ranking North Korean official's trophy wife set on starting an extramarital affair with me. In which case, please, please, please reconsider. (your choice of communication channel.) NOTE: only members with the rank of Traveller and up. Sign-in

Privy message

Manual or unencrypted. Delivery uncertain.
Scratch your message on any toilet wall, on the off chance I visit the facility one day. You never know. Small world, and all.
Expect my answer at the same place, unless you provide an alternate way to contact you. Like a phone number, as seems to be customary in these places.
PRO TIP: If you have the choice, favor the left wall. I always glance that way when relieving myself.

Email Contact Form

Manual or no uncrypted. Sent directly to me, but email servers are not entirely under my control.

Whistleblowers with evidence of Joe Biden sniffing Macron's hair: set yourself up with email encryption instead. And tell someone else. My stomach turns at the mere tought of that. (Trophy wives—anywhere—on the other hand: please, please, please look into GPG/PGP encryption.)

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  1. For anything other than casual talk, you should really look into GPG/PGP encryption. Even if you're not a trophy wife. It's a pain though, I admit. (setting up and using encryption, that is.)
  2. Do not transmit anything that violates or compromises anyone's privacy—including yours—particularly if you do not encrypt.
  3. If you contact me as someone famous or important—furthermore if you make the extraordinary claim of being both—I'll be more inclined to believe you if you email from an official account and/or provide a verifiable proof of who you are. Because I wasn't born on these Internets yesterday.
  4. You can safely assume that until a few years ago I was very paranoid. I've improved since then, and upgraded to extremely. Don't feel offended if I do not trust you or what you say outright, but understand that I live in a country where school teachers are beheaded in the streets for showing doodles during a lecture on freedom of expression. Circumspection saves lives, as the paranoid survives. I'm not a school teacher, but I do doodle though.

Contact form

  1. The contact form will accept a very limited subset of Markdown formatting. If you know Markdown, you can do Markdown. If you don't, here are the basics:





    this text **be bold** and __this too__

    this text be bold and this too


    this text _in italics_ and *this too*

    this text in italics and this too

    Unordered list

    (empty line)
    - first item
    - second item
    (empty line)
    • first item
    • first item

    Ordered list

    (empty line)
    1. first item
    1. second item
    (empty line)
    1. first item
    2. second item


    I, like, like [this site](

    I, like, like this site

    The preview will render the final effect. Use it!

  2. Whether you feel like playing with Markdown funky formatting or not, one thing stands: to insert a new paragraph, you have to enter TWO carriage returns (pressing ENTER twice WITH THE CURSOR FIRMLY INSIDE THE MESSAGE BOX).
  3. The tags limitations based on your membership rank also apply here. For (somewhat) unlimited options (images, mariage proposals, etc), you're better off using regular email from your email client of choice. Keeping in mind my distrust and dislike of mail from those "free" accounts @BigTech (gmail, etc).