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Just fixed an embarrassing bug that could prevent members from changing their passwords.

If you ran into it, you’re probably uttering Damn yer eyes Frogman! under your breath at the moment. Or out loud, even. I can’t blame you.

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5214 - mrmeval

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I always thought frogmen were divers. I never absorbed whatever bigotry garnered the term frog for Frenchmen.

5216 - DaToad

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  • DaToad Glendale, AZ, USA

Yes sir, that bug has been exterminated.

I was one of the mutterers, but being basically computer illiterate, I thought it was just me, and was muttering at myself. (I called myself, and my computer, things I would’t call a liberal’s Grandmother) But now, with the password change working so well, I’m changing mine every time I login. Nah, not really, but it is working just fine.