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A comment by Nightfly on Under Bernadette's petticoats ♠ Dans les Jupons de Bernadette

DF: I can well imagine the frustration you must feel in exhibiting weekly (at minimum!) examples of the misbehavior of some of your countrymen. Such cruelty and indifference in the face of evil is a criminal disgrace. How can they look themselves in the mirror doing after such a thing? Valerie (the other) is of course correct; I do not smirk on behalf of my country. There are examples in our own local news of callous indifference and depravity, including two separate incidents in the past six months of elderly relatives dying in the home and being left to decompose like so much compost. Screw the Legions of the Panty-Twisted - what's needed (among other things) is some good old fashioned social scorn. Ostracize. Roundly condemn. Pretending that everything is "equally nice and culturally diverse" is absolutely killing civilization.

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