the dissident frogman

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A comment by Nightfly on Under Bernadette's petticoats ♠ Dans les Jupons de Bernadette

Quite true, avy, and I never said all should. The Mighty Frogman is John Wayne in a beret. In fact, in my mind 'frog' is no longer derogatory but complimentary, because of the DF. He rocks in all possible ways. However - in a larger and philosophical sense I gladly (re)repeat Valerie the Other: no-one should smirk. We've all done lousy stuff in our lives. Some of it is just much lousier. Also, certain people realize it and reform, while others revel in wickedness (theirs and others). I'm taking extra time to explain it, not because you didn't understand the idiom (you obviously do), but I don't want anyone to think I'm lumping the DF in with his less-reputable fellow residents.

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