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A comment by Bruce on This Is Serious, And Extended

WE WERE RIGHT, YOU SCUM-SUCKING MORONS. The orange-haired punks, aging hippies, and gray-haired grannies who went out in the rain and marched in "free speech" zones, in the face of thousands of gestapo cops. Tens of millions of decadant Frenchs and socialist Germans, and billions of Muslims freaking warned you. The Howard Deans and Scott Ritters who were ridiculed, the Hans Blix and French who were piloried, the Ambassadors who resigned, the millions who wrote and argued and pleaded and marched. Go to hell and rot as the flesh peels off your bones you idiotic vermin. TENS OF THOUSANDS OF IRAQI INNOCENTS ARE DEAD you assholes, killed by Uncle Sam. $200 billion spent, the US military morale shot for another decade, US international reputation AND SECURITY blown for a generation. The NY Times dismised us, the Democratic party ignored us, the wingnuts attacked us.. AND WE WERE FREAKING RIGHT, YOU JERKOFFS -- this is no joke, this is the worst thing that happened to this nation since Vietnam, EXCEPT THIS TIME WE HAD WARNINGS, WE SHOULD HAVE KNOWN BETTER. WE DID KNOW BETTER, the problem was too many of you useless bags of flesh who sit at computers and worried more about your jobs or your plump white asses or looking "unamerican" or *gasp* liberal, and so you closed your mind to the PATRIOTIC DISSENT all around you and folded. No, you didn't just close your mind, you shut it out, shut it down, and turned it off. Do is all a favor and go join Colin Powel in a bathtub, do the honorable thing, serve yourself a bullet. You can leave your meager life insurance policy to an orphanage in Iraq.

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