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A comment by Nightfly on Intifada Europa

"Should" is the operative in that "should have guilt," Mike. Since we're all preaching to each other, please protect your eyes during the following Blinding Flash of the Obvious - our current adversaries in this war are not interested in reality. They are trapped in a carefully-constructed fantasy, concocted for them by mullahs, imams, and assorted snake-oil salesmen, to wit: "The West is to blame for our misery." Examination reveals the fraud (not particularly close examination, either). Most of the Pied Pipers live in much more comfort than the downtrodden they exploit and brainwash; this business about "our" misery is a lie. And the proposed remedy - blowing stuff up, along with oneself - is not a cure for poverty or tyranny. It rather guarantees that the remainder of the people remain miserable, which conveniently serves the interests of said exploiters and brainwashers. It's not surprising, then, that they rely on an equally-absurd lie (WWMG) in the heart of the West to aid and abet their goals. They can't hope to paralyze us through direct action - they can, however, play on the sore spots in our conscience and watch us paralyze ourselves. It's working magnificently in Europe. Through a similar process here in the States, the kindred exploiters among the Left, preaching their own brand of class warfare and victim theology (that's really what it amounts to), are teaching us to feel sham guilt about domestic problems, making it easy for the terrorist apologists to touch that chord for their own purposes. Such creatures who willfully deceive and manipulate others' lives for selfish gain are contemptible. The faster we bring them down, the sooner we free their people (as in Afghanistan and Iraq), and protect our own. You may now remove your goggles.

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