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Val: it ain't over 'til the fat lady sings... and 'til the frogman stops paying his web hosting bills.

Lights are always on, even when I'm away.

2hotel9: Haven't read the book, but I'm a bit weary after the movie. Are you sure it's not the same kind of HalliBushton conspiracy theories?

tinga-tinga: would you believe that I actually hesitated between SPR and BHD when I had to take an example of deceptive war movies? (I just ignored the Thin Red Line, simply because it doesn't even pretend to 'support the troops' or at least acknowledge the cruelty of militarist imperialist Japan - just an arty-farty first class pacifist tearjerker. Small wonder Sean Penn is one of the lead characters...)
Thanks for the bit of trivia on Richard Grenier vs SPR, as Grenier and you articulate my thoughts, precisely, on Spielberg's antiwar masquerade.

I'm a bit more reserved on Gibson's Apocalypto, though not on the point you're making.

And don't get me started on Hollywood's weird casts, indeed.

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