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A comment by tinga-tinga on We is teh angry.

Yes! Watch very few new movies (maybe one a year?) and zero TV. Got tired of watching a highly recommended show only to sit silently at the end of it feeling "had," even "cheated" of what could have been great stuff.

Some time, not today - too big a topic - and only if this interests you - what might be called "the collapse of the French colonial empire." The situation in say, Cote d'Ivoire and the flight of the French expatriate/colonialists. Have often wondered how those people who invested so much in businesses and their lives have fared back in France after years, lifetimes even, away and if their plight has ever been discussed openly in France. Lots of conditions in sub-Saharan Africa evoke the era of the Fall of the Roman Empire - what happens when the security umbrella of the troops is retracted as the colonial power retreats. It seemed too that the French economy is no longer able to provide the support to those bastions of French education and culture- the French Schools - so expat families were looking at PAYING for what had been free or cheap - with little means to do so. .... Hmmm. sorry BIG subject ... just have thoughts, but not enough for an essay. Bonne nuit! Et toujours - bonne chance avec l'inscription chez LGF!

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