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A comment by bonmotdot on We is teh angry.

Hey, FrenchFroggy, another Southern Belle blowing air kisses across the pond. And you'll find women in the south like your kind... strong beliefs in all the good things and a cool accent to go with it. Oooo-la-la!

My own acquaintanceship with French cinema ended in Catholic grade school when the nuns played The Red Balloon for us. What a wonderful movie! That red balloon breaking free and gathering all the follower balloons into the sky spoke to something deep within my little red state American soul. (Freedom: Awesome.... captivity: not so good)

Are you saying French cinema isn't that cool anymore?

As for the drivel put out by Hollywood... I think this one goes beyond boycotting the film. We need to boycott all theaters while such films are on their marquees. And let the offending theaters know why. Such cinematic malice needs to become a fiscal plague to any theater that dares roll the film. But until we get angry enough, they'll just keep shovelling more of the same at us.

By the way, does anyone know if Hollywood makes allowances for the ridiculous hike in movie ticket prices when they announce that their latest mental slopfest grossed $beaucoup millions on its first weekend? Is that compared with the $4 tickets from a better movie that was released in the 1980s? Of course a movie will gross twice as much now. Or do they consider that when they pat themselves on the back?

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