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Take a look at the American Thinker this weekend : Death of A Phony. ABOUT TIME! Most of the required reading for schools is horrible, pointless and anti-American tripe. Denigrating the solid middle class and its pursuits. (Salt of the earth?) French schools have the same problem - wasn't it the British who determined that Maupassant was bad for young minds? Our son was in 3eme and was groaning at the books the class was required to read. Prepped him with Mark Twain (specifically Innocents Abroad) first, then let him loose against La Maitresse. His class was in delighted hysterics because with every new book she handed out, our son would raise his hand and ask, "So, do they commit suicide in this book?" The kids couldn't wait to finish the old roman, just to be able to watch her squirm, trying to dodge him.

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