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Ready Freddy

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Comment by floridasuzie


DF, Have mercy on us, that was just too funny!!! I know I’m not the only one who has been waiting for another of your videos since Boomstick so I immediately started watching it while snacking on some pumpkin bread I just baked. It could only have been more dangerous if I also had a cup of Gina’s hot java… :)  On second thought, this could be a clever strategy to defeat the Yabbas! I’ll bake loaves of pumkin bread for them, Gina can provide hot coffee, and Froggy can make videos, only this time something that will appeal to their warped sense of humor. Like their “brothers” ramming planes and killing Americans on 9/11. I recall seeing some of them laughing and dancing and singing yabba dabba doo or some such after it happened, so they would certainly love to see it again while having our refreshments. Then they would laugh and laugh and choke and choke and we wouldn’t have to fire a shot, heh.

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