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Mycroft69: in fact, this one has been around for some time but (until now) never got around registering.

I consistently sent his ludicrous rants on my "betrayal de la patrie" down where the pointless pixels go to die; I guess it frustrated him enough to learn what "comment moderation" means. He apparently doesn't realize that just because members' comments don't get held in the moderation queue doesn't mean he's got a free ride to pollute my property and annoy my guests. He'll learn as soon as he becomes more annoying than (involuntarily) amusing.

He's French, unsurprisingly, and a patron of (French) Internet Service Provider Free ([url=][/url] - Spam/Abuse requests: -- The things one learns, when one knows a bit about how things works under the hood...

Incidentally, judging by the content of some his previous "comments" and the care with which he constructed his nickname, I suspect he's more of the French Nationalist/Sovereignist/Fascist branch of despicable morons rather than the Marxist one, though that is really just a technicality.

In the end, Nationalists, Marxists and Islamists are just heinous Collectivists, with far more in common than any of these idiots can reckon.

I confess that over the years, it's been my pride and honor to find myself at the receiving end of these f***ers' (pardon my French) bitter comments, hurled abuses and other death threats - you know you're walking the right path when all the enemies of freedom stand on the roadside throwing stones.

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