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And thus the reason why my family and I rarely if ever go to the movies and rarely even rent them. Most of what's produced is annoying dross anyway, and the ideological bias is a blatant wart as well. That which we do view, we either screen carefully or, if it turns out to be a clunker of a propaganda vehicle my husband and I make sure to mock in front of the kids (that way they learn to be discerning, I hope). We mock a lot of things in pop culture...

Reading is a far more enjoyable activity -- and the sheer volume of just the classics (which a person can buy for small change at the used bookstore) can keep you busy for a lifetime -- and talking/arguing about what you read is a great excercise in critical thinking. That and some form of physical activity whereby you can learn new things (there are a million things one can learn to do from hunting to fishing to gardening to needlework which are far more enjoyable than sitting on your bum, a captive to some screen -- as admittedly I'm doing right now but perhaps that is different).

Keeps you from becoming a drone, which once you've become one you're wide open for suggestion and being led about by the nose.

O/T: another one of my children just graduated from basic training, so I must brag a bit. Even more so as she scored 3rd highest in her battalion on the pt test, only 10 pts. below the high score in her company...all against rather strapping young men who are at least a head taller and many pounds heavier than her (this child is rather a slender, willowy, and quiet thing...of all my kids the one we all thought least likely to make a soldier; joke was on us as she's doing quite well). The nickname the sargeants gave her: The Beast, because she pt'd the men in her company into the freaking ground! (on another note, my kids are all following the same odd and exasperating trend with BRM -- how anyone can ace the kneeling position, come within a point of nailing the standing position, and can then totally muff the prone is beyond comprehension to both their parents and the military; they've both done this...with the exact same scores...totally bizarre). Yes, I am bragging a bit, please excuse, but I think yet another of my children just proved herself not of the drone category, no? I hope and pray the rest will follow the same pattern (maybe not with the marksmanship) and not fall prey to what's being force fed them everytime they step out of the house!

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