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A comment by 2hotel9 on The war that's being lost...

The rewritting of history has been and effective tactic from the left for decades. Just look at the whitewash job they have so successfully done on Woodrow Wilson, hell, and Teddy Roosevelt. Both proud "progressives" who embraced the tenets of socialism in their admins. How many people remember Wilson's decree which removed ALL Negroes from US Government positions and jobs, or the thousands of people he had rounded up and imprisoned for simply voicing the opposition to AMerica's entry into WWI? Not very damned many!!

As for Teddy, he is hailed as a great thinker for instigating the most massive USG seizure of land in our history, the National Park System, effectively closing off access to natural resources to the people of America to this very day.

He who controls the past controls the present, and directs the future. That is not just a catchy lyric from a rock&roll song.

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