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A comment by Ansar-III on The war that's being lost...

You mean Fox isn't the most watched cable news network in the United States?

Can you really tell me it wasn't the conservative's masterful handling of the media which almost single-handedly brought down Obama's attempts at reform? Looking at the pre-Iraq war statistics of those supporting the war and those same statistics now, can you really say the media played no part in leading the charge to attack Iraq? Are you really able to say that political commentators have gained prominence in politics and the news since Obama took office?

Do you think of these things? Do you even pay attention to facts, statistics and numbers? You haven't proved me wrong, and haven't challenged the legitimacy of my claims on any level, so why does it deserve to be derided?

I know at this point I'm most likely just feeding the troll but I'm not entirely convinced that the GOP (lol what a stupid nickname) followers aren't really the intellectual equivilant of aborted fetuses.

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