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Proud (ex-)French Citizen ♠ Fier (ex-)Citoyen Français

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Comment by Chris Josephson


Dear A:
Always nice to have new citizens. Welcome! I honestly believe it’s the people, like yourself, who come here from other countries and become US Citizens that continues to make the US strong.
People who are born here take so much for granted. I find it’s the people who have come from other countries who make the most enthusiastic citizens. You help us to stay on course.
I have had the pleasure to know, and work with, many people who have come here that used to live under Communism. They have become citizens and their joy in living in the US is contagious. I have a renewed appreciation for the US because of them.
The US is not perfect, but we are unique in many ways. I never understood that until I saw my country through the eyes of people who had not grown up here.

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