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As a general rule, I don't post contributions from other people in the dacha. It's not just that I'm being a convinced individualist enjoying his private property, but also that the whole point of blogs is precisely to be such an easy and cheap way to publish content on the the wide web of the world that just about everybody, his dog and their sister (not in that particular order though) can now have a large exposure, and incidentally be a living and vibrant FYYSBY¹ to the leftist infected mainstream media. I therefore strongly encourage each of you to get a blog running, even if only to write everyday "FYYSBY at ABC", "FYYSBY at CNN", "FYYSBY at CBS" or "FYYSBY at the BBC".

Let's see how they will take a bit of their own medicine, now that those half-cocked rebels became the Establishment. Hah.

Having said that and unlike your local Socialists, I have no use for "general rules" that fail the test of reality, which is one of the reasons why I'd like to give you to read a post by... Okay, let's call him "A."

The other reason being that, to put it bluntly, A. is in some way the kind of man I hope to be one day. And once you'll read his very own tagline at the end of the post, you'll understand what I mean by that.

I left his text unedited and if I also considered to translate it to French at some point, I finally decided to abstain, considering that this US citizen is indeed addressing exclusively his fellow Americans.

One last thing: I'm sure A. will appreciate your comments after this post - and I hope he'll feel free to answer them - but in case you'd want to email him, please send your correspondance my way, and I'll forward it. He will then decide if he gets back to you directly or not.

Here you go. Ladies and Gentlemen, Mr. A.

¹: "Fuck You, You Slimy Bastard You". What else were you expecting anyway?

" C'est le Débarquement! » (" It's the Landing ! »). Cries of joy, freedom is in the air. My dad, a native Parisian was eleven years old and right on Champs-Elysées Avenue to cheer on US soldiers. Like today in Iraq, American soldiers were synonymous to freedom, great big smiles, and free chewing gum. The latter remains vivid in my dad's memory, the sweet minty taste of American freedom along with this indescribable hope and joy in the heart.

Sixty years later, the French chose to distance themselves from their liberator, with some reluctance to fly the US flags over the Champs-Elysées. Arecent survey reveals that 50% of the French public feels that France has no moral debt to the United States.This opinion is shared by 63% of the newer generation (population 18 to 24), and by even 32% of those 65 and older. The study also found that 82% of the French felt that France was sufficiently grateful to the US and that as little as 3% admire the US.

The chief reason America came to liberate France was motivated by selfish economic and strategic interests. That is the thesis believed by at least 41% of the surveyed population (adopted by 63% of the younger generation). This thesis, advanced via a subtle unanswered set of questioning passed off as academic inquiry, was inserted into my malleable young mind in French government school (Lycée, classes de seconde et terminale).

Don't be deceived by our media or by John Kerry's interpretation of the French sentiment towards America. President Bush is not responsible for this French ungratefulness or for its mistrust of America.

(continued in next column)

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Our President is only a lightning rod for long-deeply rooted feelings of envy, jalousie and resentment for America's "hyperpower". An inferiority complex and a love for ultra egalitarianism - a belief that no nation should be stronger than any other - aren't new feelings. They came to light with Charles de Gaulle public addresses, who kept hard feelings for being snubbed and humiliated by Roosevelt. Already in his August 25th, 1944's address, General de Gaulle had transformed the French defeat into a French victory, thus depriving US soldiers of their due credit, young Americans who had put their life on the line for strangers who were deprived of freedom.

We must also factor-in a growing presence of radical Islamic groups in France who hate America for supporting Israel ( Two days ago, another Jew got stabbed by a suburban kid who was yelling 'Allah Akbar'). Maybe as a need to cater to Muslims in France, a French official proposed to give the Arab world nuclear weapons so that they could attack Israel if necessary.

Self-loathing Americans are partly responsible as well. J. Robert Lilly, professor of sociology and criminology at Northern Kentucky U comes to mind. His work prompted French film writer Moreau to capitalize on his allegations and shoot "The Hidden Face of GIs", soldiers who allegedly raped thousands in Europe. Professor Robert Lilly was inspired to examine rape by GIs from stories by his father and uncle, both World War II veterans (reminiscent of Kerry's own allegations in Vietnam). In his book, he contends that GIs raped over 17,000 women; 1,040 in Germany, 3,620 in France, and 2,420 in England.

Like many, I believe J. Robert Lilly's work is motivated not by the pursuit of truth and justice but rather by a personal contempt toward his own country and more particularly toward this segment of America that continues to hold to its traditional way of life and values. In his suicidal quest, the gravity of the charges is his primary weapon in his attempt to spread a negative perception of America around the world. The veracity of those allegations doesn't matter and it would even be preferable that those accusations remain unresolved. The objective being to implant in the world's psyche a disgusting and lingering possibility of GIs wrongdoing, an ethereal negative impression as convincing as truth itself.

Obviously history is being rewritten and truth becomes elusive as more than 1,000 World War II veterans die every day with it.

Diplomats' sporadic efforts of reconciliation between France and America won't make a dint against the more recent wave of anti-American propaganda routinely spewed on State-sponsored French TV. A recently aired French documentary viewed by 7 million raised the notion of "contradictory aspects" in their American Liberator (such as ethnic cleansing, lynching, bombings, etc.,(?)) without touching on the newly found freedom from the Nazis. This piece of disinformation and false association simply exposes the personal agenda of its producer, Patrick Rotman. He stated in an interview that hopefully his documentary would serve as a stepping stone in "our reflection on what is being done in Iraq".

We are definitely witnessing shifting alliances. On the one hand, the telling presence of Chancellor Shröder's at the D-Day ceremonies, and on the other, an obvious French departure from the once tutelary power of the United States. Today, 82% of French feel that Germany is France's strongest ally while only 55% feel that the US is a trustworthy ally.

I wish France and America would stay united. But their respective vision of the world has become irreconcilable on too many essential points; France has abandoned its fundamental principles. That's an unfortunate reality.

Ex-French Citizen, Proud and Unapologetic US Citizen By Choice and By Law



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The Wise knows that Cities are but demonic Soul-tearing pits that shall not be entered.

Comments thread (24)

1465 - Beck

Comment author avatar
The other reason being that, to put it bluntly, A. is in some way the kind of man I hope to be one day. Is this a veiled hint that you'd like to become a US citizen?

1466 - the dissident frogman

Comment author avatar
  • the dissident frogman France

Is this veiled?
Time to take sides

1467 - Fabien, le breton

Comment author avatar
  • Fabien, le breton

Des chiffres, des chiffres et encores des chiffres.

1468 - Hank Scorpio

Comment author avatar
"Is this veiled?" C'mon, isn't there some Frogmanista out there who isn't adverse to a marriage of convenience to get DF a green card? Mark my words, if I hear about a Frenchman braving the Atlantic on a makeshift raft of innertubes to reach freedom it'll be on your heads!

1469 - the dissident frogman

Comment author avatar
  • the dissident frogman France

Hank: Bah, the whole misunderstanding comes from the fact that since the beginning people have been confusing "frogman" with "frog". And you know, these days with the Communists teaching them Red Bullshit in faculties and all that, it's such a pain to find romantic maiden ready to transmute frogs into handsome (well, we're just doing our best Miss) princes with a kiss. Next to impossible actually. Tell you what, this whole world is going down the drain and I'm afraid we just forget how to swim.
Time to take sides

1470 - Nightfly

Comment author avatar
DF - of course I'll take your word about things in France; some of your shining lights did just give first prize to Michael Moore's latest fakeumentary. We get just as much smoke blown in our faces here (but only figuratively - it's illegal to smoke indoors in most places). I think the difference here is that it's also easier to get fresh air. Enough of the old FYYSBY spirit remains, and it's easier for it to find an outlet despite campus speech codes, school indoctrinaires, and professional busybodies and killjoys. Make it over to Crappy New Jerseyâ„¢ and lunch is on me. Mr. A - I still have two living relatives who served in the Armed Forces during the war. I will pass on your regards and your thanks.

1471 - Maryse

Comment author avatar
Nightfly, Please pass on my heartfelt thanks as well. I was not born in 1944, butlike the DF, my parents taught me about the war and the liberation of France. I was only a child when my father explained me how Americans had come to our rescue, and how outrageous it was that the only "thank you" they got at that time was "US go home". I grew up learning to love the country to which we owe so much. As an adult I got the opportunity to travel to the United States and even lived there for three years - the three happiest years in my life! Life called me back in France and I have felt homesick ever since I returned. You are lucky; you can rightly be proud of your country, of its past and its present. It is a feeling I will never experience - well, maybe someday, if I manage to go back to the right side of the Atlantic... Again thank you; words are not enough to express my gratitude and my admiration, we will always be in your debt and I really wish I could do something to repay only a little of it.

1472 - vindavent

Comment author avatar
Merci et salut à l'Amérique En tant que citoyen d'un petit pays au centre de l'Europe (qui n'est pas membre de l'UE) je n'ai pas de raison particulière d'être dissident ou d'avoir honte de mon pays. D'autant plus que celui-ci a une constitution libérale depuis l'avant dernier siècle, garantissant pour de bon la liberté économique et personnelle de ses citoyens sans leur promettre, après leur avoir volé leurs emplois, une abondante manne de l'Etat (volée aux contribuables). Contrairement à son grand voisin à l'ouest, ce pays n'a de plus jamais jamais trahi son appartenance à l'Occident, malgré n'avoir jamais été un allié "officiel" de l'Amérique. Ce que je veux dire, c'est que (heureusement) le choix n'est pas forcément que un choix entre la France et l'Amérique, il y a quelques autres qui pourraient faire l'affaire, et qui peuvent même aligner quelques avantages de plus ;) . Concernant l'Allemagne de Schröder, GRACE A L'AMERIQUE, elle ne ressemble plus trop à celle des années 30, et je trouve normal que les allemands d'aujourd'hui puissent eux-aussi se réjouir du débarquement allié en 1944 (leur position est d'ailleurs de loin moins anti-américaine que la position française, et leur gouvernement socialiste est en pleine banqueroute). Ceci dit, depuis que j'ai mis les pieds aux E.U. je ressens quand même une certaine attirance (plutôt irrésistible) d'y retourner, ne serait-ce que pour une vie ou deux...

1473 - the dissident frogman

Comment author avatar
  • the dissident frogman France

Vindavent: Effectivement, ceux que je connais et qui sentent confusément qu'ils sont nés au Pays du Grand Sommeil (et parait-il de Droits de l'HommEu) uniquement par erreur ou par hasard - et qui envisagent donc de tracer la route - le coeur balance entre les USA et ce "petit pays au centre de l'Europe (qui n'est pas membre de l'UE)", en raison des qualités que vous avez exposé. Je réserve personnellement mon jugement, considérant que je ne l'ai pour l'instant qu'abordé par ce que je pense être le mauvais bout : le coeur noir et décati de l'ONU à Genève. Pas vraiment représentatif j'en ai peur.
Time to take sides

1474 - Chris Josephson

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  • Chris Josephson

Dear A: Always nice to have new citizens. Welcome! I honestly believe it's the people, like yourself, who come here from other countries and become US Citizens that continues to make the US strong. People who are born here take so much for granted. I find it's the people who have come from other countries who make the most enthusiastic citizens. You help us to stay on course. I have had the pleasure to know, and work with, many people who have come here that used to live under Communism. They have become citizens and their joy in living in the US is contagious. I have a renewed appreciation for the US because of them. The US is not perfect, but we are unique in many ways. I never understood that until I saw my country through the eyes of people who had not grown up here.