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Comment by Maryse


There is some truth is what you say. But I think one of the things that irritate me most here is that arrogance of people who think they know everything about everybody and believe they are so superior.
Quite often, when I try to talk with people who criticize the USA, and explain my point of view - based on experience - I am interrupted because they just don’t want to listen. Their only answer will be: “Everybody knows…”. So generally I wil ask them “OK, you seem to know very well what you’re talking about - tell me, you must have spent a really long time in the United States to have such an extensive knowledge?” Eveytime of course the answer is “No, I have never set foot there but everybody knows…” And my final remark is “Of course; you are so much more qualified than I am; you have never been in the US and I only spent three years there: it is obvious that you should know so much more about that country than I do. Who am I to discuss it with you?”
I can understand the attitude of people who only get the information you find in the French media. What I cannot tolerate is
- the lack of true information available in the country (did you know that President Busch’s speech on June 6 at the American cemetary was censored by the French TV?)
- and the fact that, when given an oportunity to know the facts, most people prefer to ignore them.
I agree that everybody is entitled to his(her) own opinion, but nobody should be allowed to distort the facts on which that opinion is based.

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